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South African Elon Musk Teaming With Microsoft Co-Founder For Space Program

Have you heard of Elon Musk? If not, he is a South African born Entrepreneur who co-founded PayPal, Tesla Motors (that make some great electric sports cars) and SpaceX. Now Elon, Burt Rutan (an aerospace designer) and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen are teaming up to bring Stratolaunch Systems. The are looking to build an aircraft that will be twice the size of a 747 and carry Elon’s SpaceX rocket to the edges of the atmosphere which is where the rocket will be released and launched into space carrying satellites etc into the solar system. If all works well this should cost a fair bit less than traditional launches to. If that explanation sounds puzzling then check out the video above or get the story on sites like Engadget and Mashable.

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